Along with ဘော်ဒါတွေ Irrawaddy MBC boat ride 🚢

The inhabitants of the Irrawaddy river forehead Mandalay Irrawaddy landscape never မရိုးနိုင်တဲ့ for painting. The log carrier, The fishing boat, Spoke of wide sandy beaches on the river looks ရိုးနေပြီ ဘော်ဒါတွေ gathered to see the ship and its inhabitants would suggest.

Not too expensive and full of new experiences, new scenery, it must feel. Can be just more convenient for the government about the new Cruise’d like to review. His name is
Mandalay Boutique Cruise -MBC.

MBC is owned by state-squared two similar ships, forcing craft craft started booking it to his advantage. The new ship is a skilled captain, Friendly service, Top chefs work with the grand theme parties, using money Birthdays To မိတ်ဆုံစားပွဲ really suitable cruise homeland.

MBC Golan berth that Mandalay is a haven for sun Strand. 33 Street straight I have a site on the ship MBC twin. In visible Kawareik adjacent to the big ship.

The double downstairs bathrooms and two bedrooms with 4 rooms, The upper floor can be assembled up to 70 Hall type room and a Bar. Hotels and many designs can be prepared according to the chef, so many people choose to celebrate birthday parties

The ships, Main dish meals, at least around 20,000 About 20 since, including Since the average of 4 million kyats run shipping line. (Full price just a coordination function) Mandalay Mingun, or until the top of Sagaing bridge destination.
မု့-shaped normal winter raged until 4 pm because winter evening breeze coming through the river while the Irrawaddy twilight looks like a fool., In the run up to the port site for a total of 2-3 hours.

Good food will also work,
Many Views
I felt a new experience, so family and friends will enjoy, or want to celebrate birthday
Both companies want to party held office MBC is a very convenient spot.

Some lovers of this proposed marriage, on the ship, The dinner party on the ship, The Irrawaddy River just ship out a long honeymoon. အားကျစရာ profile.

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