Pagodas (မင်းနန် village)

Pagodas မင်းနန် village. Pagan မင်းနန် village and do a little bit just because travelers he said. Out of fresco Renaissance Bagan period last idea to think that those who want to study very well. When you want to keep fresco flash and you’d like to preserve about.

Experimental village of Abu (မင်းနန်)

Experimental, are of a front. Which was built contemporaneously. Bagan period in handwriting, Literature, Myanmar စာပေသမိုင်း handwriting ink can learn to be the most beautiful.

Experimental Abu Road

The name of the name of this street know your way to infidels, Well, because before the contextual Abu Road to ☺️ smoother road in Bagan Vlog horse-drawn carriage ride to finish, This is the way I think it’s going to only one ပုဂံမှာ. Pagan’s atmosphere nearby also fully felt.

Pestle Lake

“Pestle” will be heard on the hole to go to the lake, too. The smooth take Nanda Everstand Condor. Roi, 60, a monk in one’s old age, I had a lesson to teach young. Passion universe is less favorable in the steel around the monastery. Weeks available ° monastery monk from the famous Lake.
ဘုရားကြီး မုဌ် north.
Now there are more than 781 years of use, but the lake is still to learn about the details of the game. Inscription.

King over brick school

The king ruled from Nyaung U Bagan fields with the side of the road to the city. They noticed his ladder never see. Foreigner pm Sunset in Brussels.

Lend me Happy

What woe Bagan-Nyaung U, there is a small sign next to the main road directions. Photo looks pretty bad but the portfolio

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