Ywangan statsbountiesaccounts midland region (16), most in the north. Pagan Alaungsithu form and wander late Ywangan region when the audience left behind army stopped and waited, and waited for the stand because he was called. Gold in the north of the city has been set to open in the future, and waited for the moving of the village became a country. Some of the white elephants of the Royal Land and jaws when the teams came out. King also continued to control the water is salty taste with water from the so-called country, the village became a country again. The sewage was administered, Later ruled Emirates town.
Countries Collaborated run ပင်းတယ Township Danu Autonomous region now becomes most Danu residency in the mountains, Farmers, (re) Shan, Palaung, Burmese ethnic minority.


ပင်းတယ same weather pattern that felt. Lot, Terrain and the weather more than hot.

How to go

Ywangan set from either ပင်းတယ can visit either. But if the world line perfect sense because the more convenient. If the plane and get back the respect and appreciation from the airport.

The visitors Ywangan

I can see the real nature of the country, but there are many places. Falls, Jungle, Mountain, Cave perfect, Fruit plantations are abundant. Unique natural lake of blue water background with myth-oriented event and there is the unique places. Let’s visit here.

Emerald sea of ​​blue oaks

Ywangan should be mandatory where a sea of ​​emerald blue water oaks. The blue water and not far from the lake Emerald Oaks is built around materialize. Outright pilgrims I think I’ll be filled with guests. Before, a sea of ​​blue water freely. Both domestic guests and foreign guests want to explore the increasing drain after a ban blocs. The garbage problem, I’m more restrictions to deteriorate. Emerald for a bowl of blue lake water, say they are quite strange tale story. Joins in the future open for the Emerald Oaks monk greed in and want to bring the whole thing because the flame is full of water, and I said she covered oaks. So they believed the ashes. According to the scientific method, near the river and around the ears soil, Something about the old leaves are not sure if this is a blue-water reaction occurs သုံးသပ်ကြပါတယ် estimate. Nevertheless, this sea of ​​blue water for domestic tourists but also to attract foreign guests true. Stair blistering walk down the small steps hassle knee in elderly people who may be squeezed a few bad ones. Popular too high, so try to even walk.

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