Anything that had to travel less. The pace of foreign travel များနေတော့ mind internally want to go too. I already do not want to go. Do not go yet, are distant and so the The legislature would still be running at the same time before the holiday Pegu nearest. Bago a visit to Rangoon to express delivery, but the fact Bago for a certain time if the overnight journey will be smoother, at least. Near Rangoon, if not a little time this week, If you go a little bit next week okay.

Hantharwady Bago city

Bago, Mon break, I read that descended from the Mongols. 826 in-law, Since Twin Vimala were established. Dynasty rulers ceased the post (17) to leave the village in 1369 from the plant B’nyairHtao throne turned Mon-turn had been given rule. In 1757 transfer falls under the British in 1852 in Japan. Now ancient airport closest to Naypyitaw, Yangon, Bago and tourists have been interested in, as well as domestic and foreign tourists.

Will visit Bago

Bago will own the car, Taxi, bus, You can travel with the train. The bus will then Emirates Hills, near the Highway Traffic There are several medium and small bus. This can go from Bago. There are supposedly blessed Highway. More expensive gestures. 2 hours driving around here. Ailments from Yangon, Bago train station. But at 15, Advocacy 6 25 9 00 pm I know. Time for 2 hours.

Visitors around the Pegu

Bago plates around the ancient game. No other differences of general. There are some nearby. Only because the previous list. Robert sold Bago pilgrimage will go first.


Bago soon be seen together all Shwemawdaw. Shwemawdaw surrounding Pegu most crowded places, whether thought. Such as school holidays. Since the legislature Thaton King conversation Sri ဉာဏ်တော် 17 when it is built from roughly B’nyairHtao became even got married at 55. King was repeatedly earthquake resistant, Queen successive modifications in favor ဉာဏ်တော် there are now 373 feet 9 inches. Surroundings Mall are often found in many agencies. Sometimes it’s difficult to find places to park. Here, the most prominent was the first earthquake had ever collapsed because banana has still retained a difference exist. In addition, written somewhere Square brick pillars are unique. The Park grand massive Bago Shwemawdaw calculating Tagu on February 8 until April (around သြင်္ သြင်္ usually held in the lake).
Gulp down the face of the coupon
Mon pagoda called coupon fat roughly. In’ll see go first. Long structure sophisticated travelers were interested ခုထိလည်း historic visit because. This was the images of fat are too large, clearly visible even remotely interesting. Conception, O flood Kassapa Gautama Buddha statues representing the four fat were recorded. It was established in 1476 ဓမ္မစေတီမင်း. Many in the former Rangoon-Mandalay. There are wide and shops are nearby park surroundings.
Sat at Emerald (contributing)
ပဲခူးမှာ lying closest to sit down among the statues’ I think they will be visible. We now have a prosperous than ever before, and many shops. The large reclining preparing for the rain to rain. I’m pleased with the independent grateful. Prepare for the sun and rain, so she understood. I sat down in and just sit down on the gold and the adjacent The front side of my face.

Recline gold
The recline gold Bago will be prominent in the three most prominent lay. How massive. King airport, Greece Vimala dynasty is derived from the King 13 ဆက်မြောက် days ဒိပ္ 994 was set. Originally called Sinai. There are 30 cubits long. But he was a prisoner of war in 1564 flowers arson Bayintnaung statues one has been set. Under English lost right now the most popular among the tribes of the bush but still think it will notice. Most liver this big reclining statues on the roof of the left side of his face (side) is black with dirt to dig.
Great Pagoda
The countryside around here before, prisoners of war flowers same. Bayintnaung was established in 1559. From the palace to the Great Buddha at ဓါတ်တော် daughter wise to remember, she was given the name the royal chemical Kalyar. When modern ပဲခူးမှာ the most comprehensive and most want to go. Architecture style mystery men are scheduled to go up to the top of the stairs and over the brick in excellent condition. Some see the above panorama advice sunset Friday, the riot. When we arrived around 3 hours in the evening, so I was not able to see the sunset. But Instagrammer convenient image change as a possible location for the travelers, I want to make a report.
PHNOM PENH Boaz Palace
Here, the little time available. The idea to build a new, but previous residues are still interesting. အတွဲလေး bad fan.
Cave Cave
This is a small cave just name it, because we must. The nearby surroundings are selling pickled fish shops and encouraging factor. This meets the road from Palm Children’s early view of palm leaves to make because you want to drink it.
Nine million nine hundred thousand
The line has become a lengthy and four rows of wooden harp ancient feeling like I feel. The bronze barrel connected to a lot of kids on this one, and those who view it. Small Square in a row looks set to break ထွက်နေတယ်.

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